Now or Never

The Historical Railways Estate (HRE), custodians of Queensbury Tunnel, will soon begin the process of abandoning the structure, rendering it permanently inaccessible and allowing a progressive collapse to take place. The cost of this work has been estimated at £3 million, funded by the taxpayer.

However an alternative vision for its future has been put forward by the Queensbury Tunnel Society (QTS). In the summer of 2016, a specialist engineering team developed a refurbishment plan costed at £2.81 million. This would allow the tunnel to be incorporated into a network of local cycle paths when funding allows. A condition report and details of the proposed repairs can be downloaded from this page.

The Society is now looking to gather public support for the tunnel's reuse, transforming it from a decaying liability into an asset. They hope it will become a positive legacy for future generations, delivering environmental, health, economic and social benefits.

If you share the view that £3 million of public money should be used to restore - rather than destroy - Queensbury Tunnel, please sign the Society's ePetition here.

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Tunnel works resume despite lockdown

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Thursday 28 May 2020