Download our new report on tunnelling projects, putting into context HRE's £35.4 million repair cost for Queensbury Tunnel.

The Queensbury Tunnel Society is driven by a desire to leave a positive legacy for future generations; we’re not just concerned about a decaying industrial relic.

The proposed abandonment of the tunnel by its custodian, Highways England's Historical Railways Estate (HRE), will cost around £3 million. The funds will come from us, the taxpayer. However this presents a once-only opportunity to repair a structure which - when finances allow - could form the centrepiece of a cycle path network connecting communities between Halifax, Bradford and Keighley.

What the Historical Railways Estate expects to spend on abandoning the tunnel.
What the Historical Railways Estate reckons it would cost to repair the tunnel.
Our sustainable vision is to make the tunnel pay its way - investing those public funds to deliver health, environmental, social and economic benefits for many decades to come. ‘Value for money’ is something we all have a vested interest in.

If you share the vision, please sign our ePetition on change.org
For an overview of tunnelling cost comparison report, download our latest Inside Track bulletin.
For an assessment of the tunnel's condition, together with an overview of HRE's abandonment plan and the Society's remediation proposal, download our report, Queensbury Tunnel: Asset or Liability?

Time is of the essence. If the tunnel is not secured before HRE's abandonment works start this year, the opportunity will be lost forever. There is no going back. That's why we are asking the Department for Transport to grant a stay of execution, giving stakeholders breathing space to fully assess the tunnel's potential and challenges.

Let's transform Queensbury Tunnel into a useful asset, rather than wasting money on its destruction.

The south end, from the
History of the Great
Northern Railway
A goods train enters the
north end of the tunnel.
© D Ibbotson
Debris at the bottom of
No.8 shaft.
© Forgotten Relics
How Queensbury Tunnel could look with some vision.
© Forgotten Relics
Check out this video to understand some
of the challenges overcome by the navvies
who drove Queensbury Tunnel in the 1870s.


Campaigners appeal for public support

Monday 20 February 2017