What tunnel specialists and a civil engineering team believe it would cost to repair Queensbury Tunnel, based on a site visit.
What the Historical Railways Estate told the Transport Minister it would cost to repair Queensbury Tunnel, based on a desk study.

In 2010, driving a new road tunnel between two islands in the Shetlands was costed at less than £11,000 per metre. But, according to HRE, £15,479 of repair work is effectively needed on every metre of Queensbury Tunnel, despite most of it being in fair condition. As one engineer told us...

We could rebore the tunnel and drive another one alongside it for £35 million!

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The south end, from the
History of the Great
Northern Railway


A goods train enters the
north end of the tunnel.
© D Ibbotson


Debris at the bottom of
No.8 shaft.
© Forgotten Relics


How Queensbury Tunnel could look with some vision.
© Forgotten Relics

The Historical Railways Estate, which manages Queensbury Tunnel on behalf of the Department for Transport, intends to spend £3 million of public money abandoning this historic structure. For a similar cost, we believe the tunnel could be repaired to host a cycle path, allowing our investment to be repaid over time through social and economic benefits. Surely that has to be the right way forward.

Former Transport Minister Robert Goodwill, second from the left, hears about the tunnel's potential during a visit on 23rd June 2014. Six months later, the Historical Railways Estate told him it would cost £35.4 million to repair Queensbury Tunnel. Unsurprisingly, he said that was unaffordable.
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Whether or not you care about Queensbury Tunnel, most taxpayers will care about a government body using our money in a way that delivers no value. Let's convert the tunnel from a liability into an asset and allow future generations to benefit from it.

Check out this video to understand some
of the challenges overcome by the navvies
who drove Queensbury Tunnel in the 1870s.


Tunnel achieves historic status

Tuesday 25 October 2016