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Campaign Information Sheet (348K)
A one-page summary of the campaign, looking at the whys, wherefores, costs and benefits of a cycle network built around Queensbury Tunnel.
Sustrans: Economic Impact Study (1.9MB)
A study estimating the construction costs and economic benefits from a cycle path network around Queensbury Tunnel.
Bradford Cycling Strategy (2016-2026) (2.5MB)
The Bradford Cycling Strategy aims to create the space and opportunity for everyone who wants to be involved in cycling in our district to do so, to the maximum possible level of enjoyment and utility.

Hosted by Cycle Bradford (external website)

Queensbury Tunnel: Those Who Gave Their Lives (5.3MB)
A study of the ten men who were killed during the tunnel's construction, looking at the circumstances of their deaths and biographical information.
Queensbury Tunnel: Cost Comparisons (2.0MB)
A study of tunnelling costs, providing some context to the repair figure of £35.4 million put forward for Queensbury Tunnel by the Historical Railways Estate and Jacobs, its consulting engineers.
Queensbury Tunnel: Asset or Liability? (25.5MB)
A report into the condition of the tunnel, an overview of HRE's abandonment strategy, the Society's proposed remediation plan and associated costing, and a number of possible ownership options.
Queensbury Tunnel: Asset or Liability? (10.6MB)

As above, but with low-resolution photos.

Costing Poster (333kB)


Childhood adventurers revisit tunnel

Thursday 21 June 2018