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Judith Cummins MP - Labour, Bradford South

"I am very pleased to commend the work of the Queensbury Tunnel Society in their tireless campaigning to preserve the tunnel so that it can become a positive legacy for future generations to enjoy and admire in equal measure."

Naz Shah MP - Labour, Bradford West

"It’s an asset - it’s part of our heritage, for Bradford, for the country. And it’s something that we need to be celebrating and making sure that we restore it to its glory, and make sure that it’s safe for people to ride though."

Lord Tony Greaves - Liberal Democrat

"I am sadly old enough to remember travelling through the tunnel by train. I am thrilled at the idea that it could be restored for recreational purposes, and hope I will be able to ride through it again - on my bike!"

Jonathan Bray - Director, Urban Transport Group

"This would be a fabulous asset and draw for the area. It would also form part of a longer walking and cycling trail of outstanding scenic and historic interest. The similar scheme in Bath has shown the way – now it’s Yorkshire’s turn!"

Mike Babbitt - Head of Network Development, Sustrans

"Going through Queensbury Tunnel would not only be a fantastic adventure but also provide a strategic link between two river valleys."

Jeff McQuillan - Chair, Great Northern Railway Trail Development Group

"Saving this piece of Victorian infrastructure is crucial to securing a comprehensive network of cycle routes in West Yorkshire that will have beneficial results for many years to come and add to the quality of life of millions of people."

Denholme Town Council

"We do not want to see the opportunity for people to cycle to Halifax from Keighley and neighbouring settlements like ours in Denholme to be blocked by short-term thinking and decisions."

Haworth, Cross Roads & Stanbury Parish Council

"We would urge Highways England to think again about the use of public money to carry our works that deny local communities the opportunity to regenerate their areas."

Wilsden Parish Council

"The Parish Council is pleased that you have made Highways England aware of your campaign to save the tunnel, and trust that government ministers will call a halt to this proposed wanton 'vandalism'."

Cullingworth Village Council

"There are many examples of tunnels in the UK used by the general public. Queensbury Tunnel can do more than most tunnels by becoming a tourist attraction in itself since it would be the longest tunnel in the UK to be used as a cycleway."

Clayton Parish Council

"The Council fully supports your plan and wishes the group every success."

Andrew Senior - former Queensbury Councillor

"I would like to focus on the fact that this would be the longest cycle tunnel in the country. It is a new and unique opportunity for the Queensbury community and surrounding area, attracting people to Bradford."

Councillor Dot Foster - Mayor of Calderdale

"Queensbury Tunnel is an absolute gem of an opportunity and we would be so foolish to lose it."

Dave Robison - Chair, Bradford Cycling Campaign

"It's not just important to preserve this (for reasons too numerous to list - economic, social, tourism, environment, heritage etc.) - it would be criminally negligent to close it and an affront to future generations."

David Sunderland - landowner

"I have viewed the tunnel as a fantastic feat of Victorian engineering and surely everyone agrees that it would be preferable to repair and reuse it - if that can be done at a reasonable cost - than to waste vast amounts of public money abandoning it."

Matt Skidmore - Campaign Group, Two Tunnels Greenway, Bath

"I believe Queensbury Tunnel should be saved for the nation as a fantastic cycle and walking route. £3m of OUR taxpayers money must be spent on restoring it as a cycle route and not used to fill it in with concrete to be lost forever."

Bob Perkins - Former Secretary, Tunnel Study Society

"What a foolish and defeatist policy about the concrete, and a shocking waste of money. Such thinking reminds me of the days of Beeching; more short-sighted defeatism leading to irreversible damage."

Steve Mackey - Chair, Rhondda Tunnel Society

"These tunnels are true masterpieces of Victorian engineering."

Neil Bird - Queensbury Directory

"Heritage is hugely important for future generations. Filling it in as if it is a mere hole in the landscape is a sheer waste. Let the local community use it again and bring it to life again."

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Thursday 30 May 2024