Our 2020s Vision

This is 'Our 2020s Vision': a network of shared paths linking Bradford, Halifax and Keighley, with a rejuvenated Queensbury Tunnel as its centrepiece. These paths would improve connectivity for commuters, tempt tourists to visit the many attractions within easy reach and, critically, deliver a social and economic uplift to the area.

But without Queensbury Tunnel, a significant proportion of the potential benefits will be lost. We have to save this remarkable and historic structure before concrete suffocates it.

We hope the film inspires you to support our campaign. If it does, please sign our ePetition.

Thanks to MarkC, Jane, Jake, Riley, MarkJ, Dave, Eithne, Javairia, Rifat, Janice, Norah, Ian, Rory, Louis, Jude, Jemima, Michelle and Casey for volunteering their time to help with the filming.

Archive Image: H C Casserley/Jan Rapacz collection

Music: 'A Day in the Sun' by Gyom

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Minister blames landowner for tunnel difficulties

Friday 12 July 2024