Withdraw your 'Support'

When you comment on the planning application for the abandonment of Queensbury Tunnel, you are asked to record your ‘Stance’ on the plans.

The options are ‘Object’, ‘Support’ or ‘Neutral’.

If you want the tunnel to be saved and reopened as a cycle route, you need to select ‘Object’.

If you have submitted ‘Support’ by mistake, you can ask the Council to withdraw your comment. This can be done by sending a short email to Bradford Council.

To: CouncilContact.Planning@bradford.gov.uk
Subject: 19/02242/MAF Queensbury Tunnel

In the email, give your name, your postal address and the email address you entered when you submitted your comment. Then state: “My support for planning application 19/02242/MAF (Securing and infilling of the shafts and entrances of Queensbury Tunnel) was recorded in error and I wish to withdraw it.”

Once your comment has been removed, you will then be able to resubmit it, selecting ‘Object’ as your ‘Stance’.


Minister blames landowner for tunnel difficulties

Saturday 13 July 2024